I am a scientist with an industry-oriented mind and an entrepreneurial attitude. I hold a PhD in Computer Science ( University of São Paulo / Université Paris-Sud ), in which I developed novel theory and technology related to Software Engineering, Formal Methods, Formal Verification, Simulation, Artificial Intelligence and Multiagent Systems. As a scientist, I have published several peer-reviewed research papers in these areas. As an entrepreneur, I have built a number of consumer products and developed more experimental business technologies. As a Data Science consultant (at Dell Technologies), I have helped major corporations to: use their data for analytical purposes; develop Machine Learning models; and improve their internal Data Science capabilities. As a Data Science manager (at Funcional Health Tech’s Health Analytics business unit), I have led a team of 5+ people in the healthcare industry, with whom I developed strategic analytical technology and methods for the business. Currently I’m Sr. Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft.

I’m also highly interested in science as a whole, philosophy, business, art and literature. Besides my native Portuguese, I speak and write English quite well (116/120 on TOEFL iBT, 8.5/9 on IELTS), and my French is reasonably good (I lived in Paris in 2009, and previously already had a B2 grade in the TCF). I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

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